Melanie Herring

Licensed Aesthetician + Reiki Practitioner + Soul Worker

Based in Brooklyn, by way of Miami, Japan, Los Angeles and Paris, Melanie is inspired and driven by one simple word: Love. When we feel loved, true, transcendent healing can begin. A session with Melanie is infused with the energy of pure, unconditional love and invites you to return to that place where you once knew and embodied this experience as your birth right:  Returning home to the true nature of your being and throwing open the door to your healing.

Through the magic of intuitive touch, Melanie knows what your skin and spirit are asking for and gives generously, from a pure, heart-centered place.  A session with Melanie will leave you feeling loved, nourished, held and transformed; a true soul-to-soul experience. Treatments include the transcendent energy of Reiki, the healing activation of Marma Point stimulation and the deep release of intuitive facial massage .

With a background in yoga & meditation, nutrition, integrative coaching and herbalism plus real-life journeys of digestive & health challenges, fertility issues & miscarriage, severe teenage acne, depression and divorce, Melanie connects the dots between our inner and outer worlds, believing that the skin is a perfect window into our internal world, communicating both our physiological and spiritual needs. The brilliance of our skin is in its innate ability to heal and find balance and Melanie's topical approach is to allow the skin’s natural healing abilities to work their magic while using only the purest of mother nature’s ingredients to nurture and nourish. Melanie offers support and solutions for day-to-day challenges and ways to ground healing in the here and now, giving you the perfect balance of spiritual and practical.

Available for in-studio appointments. Contact for more information or to schedule a session.

Favorite Quotes:
“There must be those among whom we can sit down and weep and still be counted as warriors.”   - Adrienne Rich