Client Testimonials

If you are looking to feel both pampered and cared for while doing something really great for your skin spend an hour with Melanie luxuriating in her healing radiance. I can not stress enough how much I love this lady and her facials. Melanie is truly invested in helping your skin be its healthiest and glowiest. For the last three years I have been battling rosacea. Melanie has made me feel like it is not something I have to tackle alone. She is a great listener and healer- to spend time in her care is to indulge in complete self care.                    

Melanie’s facials are unique in that you are surrounded by an uplifting, warm energy throughout the hour.  It’s not just your face that receives attention, it’s your entire body and spirit. I was going through an extremely difficult transition in my life when I had my first facial with Melanie.  As she worked on my face, I could feel my entire body relaxing into a state of peace.  My face not only GLOWED after my facial, but my entire being was filled with serenity. Melanie has an extremely gentle and calm presence.  She puts you at ease immediately and addresses all of your facial needs.  She offered me advice about how to keep my skin healthy between facials and even went the extra mile to email me links to certain facial techniques I could do at home.  She also checked in to see how I was feeling after my facial. A very unique experience.  One I recommend over and over again! I’ve received many facials throughout my life, but Melanie’s facial was like no other.  My skin not only benefited from her state-of-the-art technique and wonderful facial products, but I felt uplifted and gained a renewed sense of calm, that surely improved my skin and spirit!     
-Camille Licate, Founder, Kids for Positive Change

When I first began going to Melanie for facials, I was in full-on attack mode towards my skin. It was Melanie’s kind presence and gentle touch that genuinely set me forward on the path towards healing my skin. I never went to her for just a facial, as it’s so much more than that. Coincidentally, any time that I went to Melanie something challenging had just happened in my life and I would walk out of a session with her feeling so healed, within and without. She taught me how to stop choosing fear when it came to my skin and skin care routine. Now my skin is glowing and calm as I have finally taken her advice to always nourish, love, and be kind to my skin. Her facials are absolutely transformative and I highly recommend them to anyone. And this is coming from someone who does NOT trust facialists due to the damage that was left in the past! She is outstanding.
-Desirée Pais, Founder, Benshen

To be honest, I am having trouble putting into words my experience with Melanie. Let me start by saying, she is among the most genuine, giving and compassionate people I have ever met. In my mind, I was going in for a nice spa treatment, but what I took out of that was very different. You can feel the passion and the love energy that she infuses in every conversation, email and service. Her mission is so great and honestly, being her client has been an honor. I am very lucky that I got to experience such a healing loving practice. She truly opened my eyes and deepened my relationship to mindfulness and self care through one session. Thank you Melanie for holding tremendous space for my healing, your light and your amazing soul.
-Erica Wiederlight, Founder, We the Light

Melanie is more than a holistic aesthetician. She is an intuitive healer who wants to know about you, how you walk in the world and to understand how your days are impacting your health and therefore your skin. I felt like she truly cared about my wellbeing even upon first meeting me; she's patient and takes her time with you and is intentional in the care she gives to your skin during a facial. I remember feeling anxious about having a facial because past experiences at spas were horrifying. However, during my appointments with Melanie I know that I am in a safe space, in a place to be honest with her and more-so with myself about what was going on internally and externally that is affecting my skincare. Her depth and breadth of knowledge about plant-based skincare educated me on how I could maintain a healthy skincare routine, which I thoroughly appreciated. Our conversations before and after my facial were affirming and left me empowered to prioritize not just my skincare but my self-care. Melanie is a healer and does this work of a holistic wellness warrior from a place of love and service. I could tell that she loves educating others on the abundant ways that plant-based skincare can heal and she creates a safe space where I can address any skincare concerns and move past any blockages during/after our facial appointments and I walk out rejuvenated and reminded to take care of and love myself in all ways, always.      
-Hannah Tall

Melanie's work is more than just a facial. It is deep, love-soaked body and soul care-the essence of it being soothing, nurturing touch. I left feeling totally loved up!      
-Lisa Levine, Co-Founder, Maha Rose

Melanie has such a calming and loving presence about her. With a harsh condition like acne, it's been refreshing and healing to see her monthly...truly good for my soul. She is also knowledgeable about nutrition and has great all-natural product suggestions making it easier to tackle my skin issues outside of her sessions.      

Melanie has helped and continues to help me enormously through a very difficult time.  I have a hormonal imbalance, and coming off of birth control after 16 years (not to mention bouts of antibiotics and several trials with Accutane) was very hard and frightening.  She has guided me through the past year with such care and kindness, helping me not only with my life-long battle with cystic acne, but also with cultivating patience and a better sense of self-worth.  I used to dread facials, as they tended to be deeply embarrassing and traumatic...I always felt criticized, judged, like my skin was a horrible "problem" that needed to be "attacked."  Now I look forward to going to my appointments, as facials with Melanie actually feel relaxing, healing, and a time set aside that's free of judgement and self-flagellation.  I continue to depend on her for advice and support as I heal from years of negative patterns—with food, medication and self-hatred.  She is such a calm, kind, knowledgeable person—I wouldn't see anyone else!     

I am pretty down-to-earth, not a big fan of superlatives, and culturally-inclined to criticism (i.e. French)… But my facial with Melanie was simply one of the best experiences of my life. I read about her in an article, tried to book a facial with her as I was going to NYC a few weeks later. Honestly, I had low hopes, thinking she was probably this busy-cool-NYC-girl who would have no time for me… I was so wrong. Melanie is the kindest person, and her facial is a moment out of the world. Her studio is bright, peaceful and warming, she uses only pure organic oils, her massages are divine, she stays with you all the way…I had a great “me-time" and my skin felt really good afterwards. She also sent a very nice follow up email with all the suggestions and references discussed. So she’s really, really good at what she does. But Melanie is more than that. She is authentic, she takes time to ask about you, she somehow makes you feel safe, and she wraps you up in kindness and empathy… Our discussion was actually a real moment of truth for me. Not only because she shared precious advice thanks to her extensive experience in holistic health, but because of her presence and energy. She actually moved something in me – I was in the middle of a difficult “reset”, and I totally link my meeting with Melanie to the turning point where I moved from fear to hope & action. I think Melanie reflects people’s light, she is a pure healer, she keeps inspiring me. The world needs Melanie.      
-Raphaelle Bodenez

My face skin and have never been friends. I've been to many people to try and help fix my face but none have worked, and all have been super expensive and some even painful. I found Melanie in Red Hook and followed her when she moved, 45 minutes away to The Karcher, because she's totally worth it. She has magic healing hands that fix my face and subsequently soothes my soul. Slowly but surely, my skin and I are rebuilding our relationship and are becoming friends.

My experience with Melanie was one of pure divine feminine awakening. Her warm and loving spirit made me feel held, cared for, and deeply nourished. Her healing touch grounded me, inspired me, and reminded me to connect with my infinite beauty and wisdom. Melanie takes such delight in what she does. Every moment I spent with her was pure heart medicine. A session with Melanie is an invitation to connect with our most radiant selves; a self made from love, grace, and boundless potential.
-Casey Leigh Carty, MS, L.A.c


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